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It’s official, I am an intern since March 29, 2014 which sums up to 3 things:

  1. I will be graduating on May 2015
  2. I will be having a busy yet a fun summer vacation err… whatever you call it.
  3. I will be spending my summer in one of the most prestigious and renowned theatre companies in the PH.

Tanghalang Pilipino was my first choice to do my internship since I would be venturing into theatre arts after graduation, it’s better to have a head-start on my training. It honestly took 2-3 weeks before they responded to my application and luckily, I got in and I am now working for the stage management side for the two season opener productions of TP! *yaaay* We are actually 3 girls in the department and we mostly do the errands and running for the SM itself which is a tiring task for us, for the first three days of work we had 2 overtimes and 1 undertime! (Yes, instantly! Callbacks and auditions don’t really finish on time) The cool thing about our job is that we’re able to talk with some awesome-sauce directors and actors and learn from them too!

I might stay active until they finish their season opener production “Kleptomaniacs”, and I am wishing that they’d have open auditions on December! Fingers crossed.

I’m  a CCP trooper!! *dancing hysterically*

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Back to being a 12 year old.

Spending a Thursday afternoon with 3 12-year old kids and my 16 year old best friend was kind of a blast from the past. It was Kathy’s (my anak-anakan) 12th birthday celebration and she spent it with us at Alabang Town Center.

We first had lunch at Shakey’s with Kathy’s mom and two sisters, it was really nice to have a small and funny conversations with them. Kathy’s such an adorable girl with full of optimism and positivity. She always has this corny-yet-cute jokes which makes her so cute. 

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Chopped off.


"Change is good" they say, it’s true! Oh, hello. I chopped 3 inches of my hair and I’m loving my new look. I had my hair cut short two years ago and didn’t feel confident about it, maybe because I was fat and my ex was not really in to girls with short hair.

Come 2014, I decided to cut it short. Why? I am not going through any heartbreak (what) or sumthin’. It’s just that I realized the past few days that I wanted to change the way I look. At first though I was having second thoughts knowing that the hair is a girl’s crowning glory but I wanted something new and fresh, I am honestly getting tired of my old dos and I feel like it’s part of my maturity and renewal, risking my hair for something new. 

It feels so good to let go of something that has gone through a lot of stress, I think I’m going to maintain this for a year. I’m loving it! <3